Looking For A New House? 19 Luxurious Houses That Will Cost You More Than $50 Million

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19 Luxurious Houses That Will Cost You More Than $50 Million19 of the most luxurious houses in the world prove if you have the money to spend, why not spend it?

How The 0.000001% Lives…

Have you ever found yourself driving by an insanely massive mansion and wondered what it looked like on the inside, how much it actually cost, or you read about expensive celebrity houses? If you have like me, you’re in for a treat with this post. Some of the most luxurious and expensive items purchased today are houses. To those who can afford it, the purchase is seen as an investment. To everyone else, these luxurious and expensive houses seem like they should be straight out of a novel or movie. If you aren’t having house envy right now, you will after you see 19 luxurious houses that will cost you more than $50 million.

1. Meier Penthouse on Rothschild- Tel Aviv, Israel ($50,000,000)

Meier Penthouse on Rothschild- Tel Aviv, Israel

This penthouse covers two floors with seven bedrooms and includes: a spacious dining room, bar, private cinema, spa/gym and a swimming pool.

2. Lyon Demesne- County Kildare, Ireland ($65,000,000)

Lyon Demesne- County Kildare, Ireland

This 600 acre estate includes: a landing strip, seven bedroom suites, a staff flat, five cottages, a cinema, pub, and a gym.

3. Casa Casuarina- Miami, Florida ($75,000,000)

Casa Casuarina- Miami, Florida

This ten bedroom home was lavishly decorated by Versace before his death, and it is the same house where he was murdered. His house was converted into a hotel which includes: a guest house, seven fireplaces, and a pool. Casa Casuarina was also reduced from $125,000,000- what a bargain!

4. Villa La Palladiana- Cap d’Ail, France ($76,000,000)

Villa La Palladiana- Cap d'Ail, France

This ocean facing French Riviera villa includes: an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, fitness center, multiple room, and of course those multiple rooms have balconies and terraces.

5. Dracula’s Castle- Romania ($80,000,000)

Dracula's Castle- Romania

Vampire lovers, this one is for you! Dracula’s Castle formally known as Bran Castle is one of the castles linked to the Dracula legend. This castle is a national monument and landmark which was built in 1212. It was a royal residence in 1920 and a hospital in World War II.

6. The Penthouse, 432 Park Ave.- New York, New York ($95,000,000)

432 Park Ave- New York, New York

This penthouse sits 1,960 feet in the air and is now the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. The building includes a massage room, restaurant, outdoor terrace, pool and a gym among many other amenities. The view probably isn’t to shabby either.

7. Elaine- Sydney, Australia ($100,000,000)

Elaine- Sydney, Australia

Elaine is located in the affluent suburb of Point Piper in Sydney. The private lawn rolls straight onto the beach. With three levels, seven bedrooms and bathrooms, a tennis court, stables and a ballroom, this house is one of the most expensive in Australia.

8. Eurasia- Moscow, Russia ($100,000,000)

Eurasia Manor- Moscow, Russia

“From Russia with love” This mansion is located on the Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway where many of the political and business elite live. There are two guest houses and a 91,000 square foot recreation center that houses: a pool, Turkish and Russian baths, gym, sauna and lounges.

9. The Manor- Beverly Hills, California ($150,000,000)

The Manor- Beverly Hills, California

This more than massive mansion was once home to TV producer Aaron Spelling and Family. It includes: one hundred and twenty three bedrooms, a swimming pool, tennis court, cinema room, spa and beauty salon. This is the biggest home in Los Angeles.

10. Updown Court- Surrey, England ($150,000,000)

Updown Court- Surrey, England

This posh England residence has one hundred and three rooms, five swimming pools, bowling alley, cinema, helipad, and a fifty seat screening room. When your purchase this house, Elton John will become one of your neighbors!

11. The Pinnacle- Montana ($155,000,000)

The Pinnacle- Montana

The Pinnacle is the largest property in the exclusive Yellowstone Club: the billionaires only private ski and golf community. It has ten bedrooms, heated flooring, fireplaces in all bathrooms, wine cellar, an indoor/outdoor pool, gym and massage room. Who needs to go skiing when you have all that?

12. Waterfront Mansion- Istanbul, Turkey ($155,000,000)

Waterfront Mansion- Istanbul, Turkey

This waterfront mansion was built in the second half of the 19th century for Musir Zeki Pasha who was a minister  during the ruling of Sultan Abdulhamit II. This five story mansion has twenty three bedrooms and forty thousand square feet of formal gardens. Many say the only drawback is that it is located next to a bridge. Darn, those bridges are always getting in the way of my multi-million dollar purchases.

13. Franchuk Villa- London, England ($161,000,000)

Franchuk Villa- London, England

This five story, ten bedroom villa located in London is considered unique as London is very crowded and this villa is spacious. It includes a sauna, underground pool and health center. It was used as a girl preparatory school until it was purchased by the current owner Elena Franchuk.

14. Hearst Castle- Beverly Hills, California ($190,000,000)

Hearst Castle- Beverly Hills, California

This castle once belonged to the mogul William Randolph Hearst and since then the castle has been the scene of The Godfather and other movies, print ads and commercials. There are twenty seven bedrooms, a cinema, nightclub and a pool. John F. Kennedy stayed there on his honeymoon. This castle is true Hollywood royalty.

15. The Penthouse, One Hyde park- London, England ($220,000,000)

One Hyde Park Penthouse- London, England

This two floor penthouse includes: six bedrooms and of course overlooks Hyde Park. These residences are keen on privacy considering every window is tinted blue and is bullet proof. Who knows, James Bond may reside here!

16. Fairfield- The Hamptons, New York ($248,000,000)

Fairfield- Hamptons, New York

This luxurious estate has twenty nine bedrooms and thirty nine bathrooms, three swimming pools, and a screening room for fifty people. Seeing as it’s The Hamptons, I wonder who the famous neighbors are?

17. Enigma- Camps Bay, South Africa ($300,000,000)

Enigma- Camps Bay, South Africa

Enigma houses: a study, four reception rooms, six garages, a winter garden, sauna and gym, teahouse and a pool.

18. Villa Leopolda- French Riviera, France ($506,000,000)

Villa Leopolda- French Riviera

This sprawling villa sits on twenty acres and has a private beach front. It was built by King Leopold II from Belgium in 1902. The villa includes: nineteen bedrooms, swimming pool, gardens, sport courts and a bowling alley.

And last, but certainly not the least…

19. Antilia- Mumbai, India ($1,000,000,000)

Antilia- Mumbai, India

This twenty seven story, more than massive residence has six underground levels of parking and three helicopter pads. Antilia apparently requires a six hundred person staff to maintain the place.

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