Vyclone – App of the Week: Magically Co-Create Videos With Friends

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by

Vyclone is a video app for iPhone with an intriguing difference: It lets you and your friends co-create, sync and edit multiple videos of the same event, from different angles!

How is the Vyclone Video App magical?

Lets say you and your friends shoot a video of some event, each with his/her iPhone… Vyclone takes all the videos and almost magically synchronizes, edits and generates one movie with all the angles cut together, all on the same timeline and with comprehensive soundtrack. Even if you don’t try to be creative, the different angles automatically turns the video into a movie.

Vyclone: Turning the world into iPhone video directors…

Vyclone makes video filming on your iPhone a different experience then what it used to be, It makes you think about angles from a director’s perspective. By doing so, simple events you used to film with your iPhone such as birthday parties, sporting events or even concerts become almost professional movie clips. The movie can be remixed or edited to your liking, then shared through Vyclone’s community and other social media platforms.

Bottom Line: Ready? Quiet on the set, action!

Bottom line, Vyclone is a great video app that will supply you with tons of fun and artsy movies, created by you and your friends. Once you try it, you may just revolutionize the way you make video on your iPhone with friends!


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