Unique Guides: Interactive Video Travel Guides for Amazing Cities

Posted on Monday, April 15th, 2013 by

Unique Guides is a new series of video and interactive guides that present a selection of unique, must-visit locations in some of the great cities of the world.

Never Miss a Must-Visit Location Again!

Unique Guides offers a new and exciting way to get essential traveling info about popular touristic cities from around the world. This awesome site will take you on video guides through your selected location in a personal point of view that will allow you to experience and really ‘taste and smell’ the streets your looking at. The guide is interactive, when you pick a destination you will have several routes to choose from, depending on your personal taste, but the interactive role doesn’t end there, while watching the video guide there are points and intersections where you can choose which way you prefer the guide to continue.

A Truly Unique Travel Guide!

The Unique guides has a distinctively editorial feel and is devoted to those must-visit places that are essential to experiencing each city’s authenticity. Restaurants, cafés, bars, experiences — Unique presents locations that best capture the DNA of each destination. The Your Microguides application allows you to easily create your own Microguides of the cities you know and love so you can share your favorite spots and discover those of other users. For now there are only 7 destinations (Paris, Brussels, London, Madrid, Montreal, Rome & Toronto…) but as the site will grow I’m sure there will be more. Try this awesome site for a different angle and new experiences the next time you travel to one of these amazing cities.

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