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Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

Screenr is a great tool for people who’s line of work is supported by screen-casting. It allows you to create a screen-cast with a voice over with minimum effort and zero expenditure.

Screencast has never been this easy!

Screencasts have many uses for people, from making a software or a website clearer for your students to explaining your product to potential costumers. Unlike what you might think of screencast software Screenr makes the hole process easy and fast and most importantly; free. Entering Screenr you log in via a variety of social network
(Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) then the screencast creation is explained thoroughly. Its a short process: upon hitting the “Record” button Screenr checks if you have Java installed on your computer and if not you will have to install it first. Then you adjust the recorded windows size so it will cover the area you desire. Once this is done, you have 5 minutes for your free Screenr account and don’t forget that your voice is recorded as well so you can explain your onscreen actions.

Professional tutorials, made in minutes…

After recording you click the “Done” button and get a preview of the screencast, create a short description for it and then publish it on any of the social networks, transformed into a high definition video. Note that if you make a free account all of your screencasts are made public automatically on Screenr, so if you got something to hide, get the pro version… This might be a bother but the idea behind it is that you have the ability to interact with other screencasters, you can leave a feedback and engage a conversation about the tutorials, a useful  thing if you use screencasts for business or tutorials as you have an interaction platform.

 Not only for professionals!

To all of you sons to technology challenged mothers like myself, explaining how to open an attachment on Gmail has never been easier! Now you can make a short tutorial with your voice to explain your actions for optimal results, no more tiring your hair in frustration trying to solve minor issues your elders finds as impossible tasks on the phone. Try making your own tutorial and see for yourself how easy it is.












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