One Minute Wonder: A Series of Video Portraits in 60 Seconds Flat

Posted on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 by

One Minute Wonder is an ongoing series of video portraits highlighting wonderful people.

60 Seconds Flat

As our attention spans decrease, so do the average lengths of the videos we watch online. Longform movies and television remain popular, but it’s increasingly difficult to get people to sit through a lengthy YouTube video. Two or three minutes is about all we can handle. Sometimes, one minute is all we need. One Minute Wonder is a collection of videos, each of them timed out to 60 seconds flat. Each of the videos is a short video profile of a particular individual. There’s a focus on artists, but the series varies from person to person, telling their story in a documentary style.

Meet Interesting Individuals

The navigation on One Minute Wonder is as simplistic as the site’s theme. The latest profile is displayed on the homepage, with an embedded Vimeo video as well as a short explanation behind the video. There’s also the option to shuffle videos, letting you watch the clips in a random order. There are only 60 videos available for streaming on the site, so theoretically you could watch the entire series in only an hour. Considering the way One Minute Wonder¬†was designed, however, it’s much more enjoyable to go through the stories slowly. There’s a lot to learn about people in only one minute.

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