Numberphile makes amazing videos… about numbers!

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Don’t you just love maths and numbers? No? Well you’re about to, because Numberphile is a fun, little website stuffed with cool Youtube videos that genuinely will make you change your mind about math and numbers!

What is Numberphile?

Numberphile is a short film project website dedicated to the love of numbers, their significance, paradoxes related to them and basically any thing one of the Numberphile team want to talk about that has something to do with numbers. Hearing the creators talk about their fave numbers  with such enthusiasm in the videos, actually makes you start to love them too!

Why do we hate numbers?

When I think of high school struggles and frustrations over math, and all the dentist bills my parents had to pay because I was grinding my teeth studying for the final exams, my first reaction to this website was irritation. But as I started watching the videos I started to understand that the issues I used to have with numbers had nothing to do with math or with numbers, I hated math because of the way I was taught. In school math wasn’t fun or interesting, it was plain boring. Numberphile aims to change my opinion and, well, it succeeds!

Me? a Numberphile?

After watching half of the short videos on Numberphile I can say I’m becoming a fan! The Numberphile team are taking the most esoteric topics and through sheer passion and enthusiasm make it seem appealing, they take a number and give it significance by encircling it with a fun, funny interesting story. Get over your Number-phobia, watch some Number videos… I promise you will actually like it!

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