Keen Talks: Watch Inspirational Lectures, Expand Your Knowledge

Posted on Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 by

Keen Talks curates inspirational lectures, presentations, interviews and debates, allowing you to expand your knowledge in various fields like science, technology, health, psychology.

Expand your horizons!

Keen Talks is a huge free library packed with video material, delivered by renowned intellectuals from around the globe. It is an independent online educational resource dedicated to curating various talks, lectures, presentations, interviews and debates.

Keen Talks curates any form of speech that can bring a fair amount of intellect on the table, they don’t curate just lectures or talks, but a whole range of engaging and interesting videos harnessed across the Internet.

Not an ordinary education site…

Keen Talks tries very hard not to upload lectures from academic classes but rather finding a more broad intellectual range of all different kinds of public appearances by some of the finest world’s intellectual figures. You will not be able to complete your PHD watching these videos but I can assure you that your horizons will be expended and that some of these videos will intellectually blow your mind!

Bottom Line:

The Keen Talks repertoire varies from lectures from Yale University professors to a public appearance of the Dalai Lama. You can watch anything from a talk about symmetry in art to smaller issues such as, erm, ‘Death’ or ‘Does God Exist?’… Whatever your intellectual interests are, you’re bound to find something that will match your taste. Give Keen Talks a try and challenge your mind!

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