Is MTV’s “Gif me more party!” Interactive Music Video of the Year?

Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 by

Put on your Ray Bans, flip flops, and bathing suits: get ready for the party of the year! Experience a poolside college party through the eyes of 50 different guests with MTV’s new interactive music video called Gif Me More Party!

Choose your own adventure and Party Rock!

Death Grips (the Sacramento thrash- rap team) in collaboration with MTV have created an online world with ‘Gif me more Party!’ where visitors can switch between various characters to explore the outdoor pool party of the decade. Warning: if you get dizzy easily, this site may not be for you.

How does it work?

Each character is created as a Gif with a looping story. Once you’re finished with one story, click on another character to view theirs. This way you can ping pong, bmx, eat, swim, steal, or play your way through the party.

If you keeping maneuvering through the party, you can find hidden places in the house that conceal important characters. Find the five main characters of the party and win a free Death Grips episode.

No invite needed!

So don’t worry if you never get invited to the best frat parties (or if you have sour memories of missing out in your college days…), Gif Me More Party is the party of the year, and you don’t even have to leave your house! A full blown party in your house with no clean up, what could be better? Order a pizza, get a couple of beers, and enjoy MTV’s new creation with some of your friends.

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