Dollar Shave Club: Are Your Shaving Habits Wasting You Money?

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 by

Dollar Shave Club – Are you a man? If not, do you know a man? Do you, or that man, shave? If the answer to these questions is yes (and we know it is!) then we’re about to do you a very big favor…

Watch this video ad for the new Dollar Shave Club; a service that sends you all the razor blades you need for your shaving pleasure each month at a rather low price.

It’s cheaper than paying for “fancy brand name shave tech”. But it’s the same stuff. And you’ll never have to waste time going to the store to get shaving reinforcements any more, because you’ll just get this through the post instead. Click here. Start saving money on your razor blades!

Oh, and by the way, their blades aren’t good.

They’re f***in’ great.

(Watch the video and you’ll understand!)

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