D-Day to Victory: The Incredible, Interactive Stories of WW2 Veterans

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012 by

Donald McCarthy had never been to France, although this definitely wasn’t what he’d hoped for in a first visit. Greeted by a barrage of machine gun fire from all sides as he swam desperately towards Normandy beach, pleading for God to come down and rescue him from hell, Donald’s young life was saved by a cloud of smoke that he calls a “miracle”. He would go on to race across a beach the length of two football fields, straight into the gunfire of thousands of Nazis, and live to tell the tale; a tale you can watch along with hundreds of others in this fantastic, interactive website: D-Day to Victory.

A stunning, interactive commemoration of WWII Veterans’ Stories

D-Day to Victory is a tasteful, modern commemoration of some of WW2’s most notorious battles, from the shores of Normandy to the final push into Nazi Germany. Throughout the interactive adventure, you explore the battles and weapons ‘from D-Day to Victory’ with a host of facts, original photos, weapons showcases, and most importantly, very personal and poignant video interviews with the brave veterans willing to share their fascinating stories. 

The website was made to accompany an upcoming TV series, also named ‘D-Day to Victory’. To say that it does it justice would be an epic understatement. So without further ado, history buff or not, turn off the lights, put on your headphones, take a look at D-Day to Victory and get sucked into the incredible stories of World War II.

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