Carly’s Cafe: Amazing story of one girl’s triumph over autism

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Carly’s Cafe is a website with just one truly inspiring feature: For 2 minutes you will watch life as seen through the eyes of Carly, who at 2 years old was diagnosed with severe autism and an oral motor condition that prevented her from speaking.

An amazing story of triumph over autism

Carly Fleischmann is not a typical teen. She was diagnosed with both autism and a condition that prevented her from speaking at 2 years old. After years of frustration, at the age of 10, Carly reached over to their laptop and typed in “HELP TEETH HURT”, much to everyone’s astonishment. This was the beginning of Carly’s journey toward self-realization; a journey revealed by the beautifully presented website, Carly’s Cafe.

With the help of her computer, Carly started leading life as close as possible to normal. She attends a mainstream high school where she is enrolled in gifted classes. She corresponds with her thousands of friends and followers via Twitter and Facebook, and in March the book ‘Carly’s Voice‘, written by Carly and her dad Arthur, was published.

Carly’s Cafe, introduced by Carly, in her own words:

So today is the wrap party for and my dream and my wish is that today the world gets to experience Autism through my eyes. I have never asked this before but I think that social media can connect with the world unlike any other medium. This is why I am asking for your help to turn social media into autism media for tonight.

Tonight autism should be a buzz word not a word that people dont want to talk about. You and I are all the same and tonight we are going to do something so amazing that everyone is going to talk about it tomorrow…. A wise man once told me that life is about understanding but how can we understand some thing when we don’t talk about it.
Tonight we talk about it. Tonight we share it. Tonight we start something amazing. Tonight we see autism at Carly’s Cafe.

And if Justin Bieber or Lady Ga Ga see this tonight you start talking about autism to your fans.” Carly Fleischmann – Facebook

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