AOL & PBS Makers: Stories of the Women That Make America

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by

Discover the women that make America

“History is written by the victors”. This well known quote – attributed to Winston Churchill represents popular thinking throughout the ages. And it would probably be quite accurate if we were referring to a war or a football match… or anything male-oriented for that matter.  But what about the story of women, of their accomplishments and achievements? is a historic, inspirational video initiative that features exclusive interviews with some of America’s most trailblazing, powerful & famous women, both known and unknown…

From women to women, behind the scenes (inside the stories)

Makers is something quite extraordinary – It celebrates the achievements, careers and groundbreaking moments of some of America’s most inspirational women through a dynamic library of exclusive video interviews produced by Emmy Award-winning and Oscar nominated filmmakers Dyllan McGee, Betsy West, and Peter Kunhardt, and developed by PBS & AOL.

The library of this dynamic digital platform includes all kinds of personalities and characters: from the groundbreakers – those women considered visionary role models and frontline activists who sparked historic change – to the artists, writers, actors and journalists. The categories include scientists, engineers, environmentalists, sports personalities, business developers and educators. From the great comedian Ellen DeGeneres to the writer of “The Vagina Monologues”, Eve Ensler, there’s a story for every taste and you will definitely find the one that compels you. So get your girl power hat on, get empowered and inspired, and dive into Makers by watching the video interview of Ellen Degeneres below, and then clicking here. And hey, it’s never too late to be one of those women who take the initiative.

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