9gag.tv: The Best Videos On The Web

Posted on Monday, January 20th, 2014 by

9gag.tv is a site that displays the best videos from around the web, with content updated daily.9gag.tv is a site that displays the best videos from around the web, with content updated daily.

Your Daily Dose of Video Content.

9gag is the website that made internet memes famous. The image-based content site is one of the largest and most popular sites on the web, and the 9gag company also has a site offering video content. 9gag.tv claims to offer “the best videos on the web,” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The featured videos are updated daily, and the content offered includes videos range from cute to badass, with headlines such as “Your Palms Will Sweat When You Watch These Insane Stunts” and “French Bulldog Dad Plays With His Puppies.” There are also clips from various TV shows or commercials that can be found on the site. The span of content is enormous, and the majority of the videos are more entertaining than what you’ll find on other video sites.

 New Design is a Major Upgrade.

9gag.tv’s site was recently upgraded, and it now has a clean, smooth design that makes it even easier to discover new videos. The new design also makes it easier to interact with the videos by sharing them via social media platforms or by voting whether or not you enjoyed them. There’s also an option to sign up for the site’s mailing list, so the day’s coolest videos can be delivered directly to your inbox. The beauty of 9gag has always been its simplicity, as the site favors content above all else. The new design maintains that simplicity while upgrading the design value, providing for an overall better experience.

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