49ers vs Ravens: Your Guide to Super Bowl XLVII

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Well folks it’s back, and it’s bigger than ever (or so CBS will be telling you prior to the Super Bowl returning to the network this year!). The San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens, or as Mrs Harbaugh sees it: Jim takes on John. One way or another one Harbaugh will win Super Bowl XLVII and the other will lose it. No matter which of the Harbaugh brothers take it though, its gonna be a mouthwatering clash. Our contribution at AllMyFaves is to provide you with the best sites you’re going to need to make this a great Super Bowl experience… and here they are:

1. For the Football Beginner:

A good starting point for football novices and hardcore fans alike. The NFL Official Website is easy to navigate around, great looking, and packed full of news, pre-game coverage, schedules, stats, team pages, fantasy drafts and much more. Like every year, the guys from NFL.com made Superbowl.com which is the official home of news, events, and game information related to Super Bowl XLVII. This site has all the info anyone might need, beginner or pro, for an unbiased Superbowl review.

2. Football On Your Smartphone:

You’ve gotta love smartphones. They’ve made it so, so easy to get all the info we need on the go; and luckily for us the NFL is playing ball. This handy NFL Smartphone Apps Library may not be filled with colorful pictures of the smartphone apps it’s featuring, but it’s so useful. With Apple & Android apps for anything football, from the Official Super Bowl Guide to 3D Live NFL Wallpapers, click here to decide which NFL apps you want to download to enhance your Super Bowl XLVII experience!

3. For the Ravens Fan!

If you hail from Baltimore, live somewhere else in Maryland or for no geographic reason just LOVE the Baltimore Ravens, we got two sites that will make it easier to follow, gain info and hear rumors. BaltimoreRavens.com is the team’s official site and on it you will find everything the team would like you to find: stats, rosters, news and trades. Russell Street Report though will give you the info the team will not always be happy to: rumors of trades, personal opinion blogs and all things fans like to talk about.

4. For the 49ers Fan!

Now if you are a California beach boy, who love going up and down the steep streets of San Francisco and cheer for the 49ers, then these two are the sites for you: 49ers.com is the team’s official site and has all the stats you may need, both present time and a vast archive of 49ers teams of the past. Niner Noise is A San Francisco 49ers Blog powered by the Sports Illustrated online team. It deals mainly with rumors and opinions and tries to produce you with the inside juices from the 49ers locker room.

5. For the Stats Addict:

We all know they’re out there, the Stats Addicts, the would-be John Maddens: Waiting for that perfect moment at the Super Bowl BBQ to jump in with a clever stat about which quarterback has thrown the most touchdown passes in this year’s NFL. Well if that’s you, and you want to get your stats and random Super Bowl facts up to speed before the big game, you need to get yourself onto the remarkably comprehensive Pro-Football-Reference.com ASAP! Now you can brag about your knowledge and have the best source to drew your stats from!

6. Super Bowl Ads Junkies:

Super Bowl ads could arguably be the best part of this Sunday’s championship game. Companies are paying nearly $4 million for one 30-second Super Bowl ad this year, but as fans we don’t care if this is worthwhile for them, we just love the funny and witty commercials. We’ll judge and critique and scrutinize each one, mentally taking notes to determine the winning ad. And 48 hours later, after we relived the videos on YouTube and debated coworkers about the sexiest and most hilarious ads, we’ll start counting the days till next year’s stock. Youtube Ad Blitz is a great channel on Youtube that compiles all the best Super Bowl ads for you to watch and share; and adds in a load of extra content related to the non-football bits that so many of us love about the Super Bowl. Click here to get viewing. You may also want to check out the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest, which is Doritos’ annual competition to select their Super Bowl ads. All the videos are made by ordinary fans, who have the chance to “crash the Super Bowl” with their video; becoming the official Doritos ad, chosen by a public vote. Check them out, they’re all pretty funny and worth a watch!

7. Super Bowl XLVII HalfTime Show:

Though the big ‘did she lip sync the national anthem at the Inauguration‘ commotion is far from being behind her, Beyoncé has all her attention focused on Sunday eve, when eyes from the whole nation (and a big part of the other continents as well…) will be set on her Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show. No one really knows if Beyoncé’s husband, rapper Jay-Z, would join her as an on-stage cameo, or if singer’s former co-stars in the female R & B group Destiny’s Child will complete their glamorous comeback in front of the biggest crowd television can provide… No matter what will happen you can bet it’s gonna be big and extravagant! We don’t know if Beyoncé will lip sync again, but we do know that it will be one hell of a show! She has posted rehearsal pictures on her website, so go on and check out her preparations for Sunday’s big show.

8. Puppy Bowl IX:

If football is not really you’re thing, or maybe not your significant other’s thing, all hope of getting involved in the Super Bowl fun is not lost, thanks to Animal Planet. They’re bringing us their 9th Annual Puppy Bowl – a Super Bowl for cute puppies! What more could you want! Click here to take a look at the rather adorable starting lineups: all-adorable puppy, kitty and piggy cast that’s ready to mix it up in Animal Planet stadium and make you go Awww in symphony with everyone else in the room.

9. Last Minute Ticket Hunter:

It itches… I know it is… Who wouldn’t want to take an active part of Superbowl XLVII and sit in the beautiful Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, while the Harbaugh brothers go head to head? Stub Hub’s got a whole host of last minute tickets for this year’s Super Bowl. They’re all available at the click of a button, although the prices are really crazy. But hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go! Click here if you’re interested in buying that golden ticket, or even just curious as to how much it’d cost you…

10. The Site for Watching Online:

Watch the Super Bowl Live Online, on CBS – Haven’t got a TV? Away from the one you do have? Never fear, because the Super Bowl is being streamed completely live online via CBS’s Super Bowl Website. Last year NBC made a precedent by broadcasting the Superbowl on it’ s website. From now on then, every network that will broadcast it is obliged to do so as well (A good move for the little man… 😉 ) So you can check out all the pre game buzz now, and check back again on Sunday to catch the entire game live!

11. The Best Football Blogs

I couldn’t pick just one blog here, because there’s too many great choices. But here’s three that really stand out for interesting content: 1. Grantland – long articles, in-depth analysis, with a touch of humor 2. The Fifth Down – comprehensive, covers interesting stories, but hey, it’s the NY Times NFL Blog so it delivers where we’d expect it to! 3. SBNation Super Bowl Special – site for all things football, made by fans, for fans.

Bonus Material

Warning : Super Bowl ads Spoiler!!!

We know how hard it is to wait, so here is a link that will reveal most of Super Bowl XLVII ads (for those of you who cannot delay their gratification 😉 ) plus the three ads we think stood out so far. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/9H0xPWAtaa8 http://youtu.be/o-3j4-4N3Ng http://youtu.be/t535BjVmXq8

Also Here is the Perfect Super Bowl Snack:

As Football fans we know that one cannot watch the Super Bowl on an empty stomach… So we combed the internet to find you the most sinful and delicious Nachos recipe that will make your Sunday eve perfect. Bon Appétit!

Did we miss anything? What do you think of our choices? Let us know in the comments section below! We at All My Faves are committed to bringing you the Best of the Web, for any interest. Check out our Ultimate Sports Homepage, and then add it to your own personalized homepage too.

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