Tingo: Looking for accomodation? Book it for the best price!

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by

When it comes to vacations, there are two kinds of people: the ones that pack their stuff and drop into some random city from one day to the other catching everyone by surprise (“the adventurers“); and the ones that book everything in advance and are completely freaked out by the thought of disorganization (“the stressed“, don’t be offended if that’s you, I’m one of the bunch myself!)… When I traveled to Europe for the first time my biggest concern was related to the prices: how could I be sure that booking the hotel two months earlier it would still be the best deal once I got there? Tingo has shown up solve the dilemma: “If the price drops on Tingo, you get Money Back. If the price goes up, you’ve already locked in an awesome price.”

How does it work?

Booking accomodation is like working the stock exchange: there’s no safe bet but you still have to take a chance and gamble. Taking into consideration that hotel prices go up and down every day, Tingo offers its customers an insurance for their purchase:  If your price drops, they automatically rebook the exact room at the lower rate.” If you are lucky, you’ll receive an email announcing they’ll refund your Money Back to your credit card within a few days of check out. And even better, if the price goes up, it remains frozen for you and you got a great deal! In this way, you save money even after you booked.

Is there anything that makes you feel more stupid than knowing you overpaid for something? You don’t have to go through it anymore. Only one little warning before you start planning your trip: not all the rooms are Money Back! Look for the logo to make sure they have the deal… and enjoy your holiday!

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