The Second Time is Apparently the Better Time

Posted on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 by

Alone versus TogetherSometimes the second time is better.

Second Time’s The Charm

Kevin Blanford won his first free trip to Puerto Rico. He was told, however, that he could only go on his own. This meant that Kevin was forced to leave his wife and daughter at home while he travelled to Puerto Rico to go on a cruise alone. Kevin was not so fond of this idea, but he decided to go on the trip anyway. Kevin came back from his solo vacation very sad and unhappy with his experience. This story went viral and the hotel that Kevin was staying at, The Wyndham Rio Mar, offered him a second free trip. This time, he was allowed to bring his wife and daughter. This is how Kevin expressed his sadness as well as happiness at these specific destinations.

I Would Think You Would Enjoy A Bed To Yourself… I Guess I Was Wrong!

CuddlingSnorkelling Is Not A Solo Activity… According To Kevin!


I Guess He Always Needs His Wife By His Side When Making Decisions


He Also Needs Her For Relaxing… Does That Even Make Sense?!

He Really Doesn’t Enjoy Having The Bed To Himself…

Bed TimeChilling Is A Lot More Fun When You Have Company! ChillingChillingInstead Of Staring Into His Drink He Would Rather Stare Into The Camera!Cocktail TimeSome Say Touring The Streets Is Boring On Your Own… Kevin Seems To Agree!

TouringHere The Company Is TOTALLY A Distraction!!Video GameWhen Together, Smiles Are All Around! Fancy DinnerOverall, The Second Time Was Indeed The Better Time! Flight Home

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