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Mosey - recommendations in one awesome listMosey is a library of custom curated experiences that fit perfectly on your mobile device. Find new adventures and create your own. Make epic plans for your next trip.

It’s Your World, Explore it!

So you’ve just planned your next dream trip. BUT, you want to experience wherever you go to the fullest. You want to share your trip with everyone, keep photos, and detailed locations of where you were, Mosey is perfect for you. Whether you’ve got cabin fever at home or you’re traveling abroad, browse the collection of hand-crafted Moseys and let the adventure begin. Mosey fits happily on all of your devices so you can access photos, directions and personalized tips wherever you may be. Mosey is your destination for custom-curated experiences. Think of it as a playlist of your favorite places and activities perfectly packaged into step-by-step guides. Whether it be the perfect Sunday afternoon, a weekend out-of-town, or the ultimate date night, use Mosey to embark on your next adventure.

Mosey - let the adventure beginThe Perfect Alternative to Foursquare?!

A lot like Foursquare, Mosey is all about “location, location, location”. The idea is based on inspiring people to step out of their comfort zones and explore new places. In Foursquare you can find out new places to eat, sight see, night life and much more. But with Mosey, you get all those recommendations in one awesome list. For each different city, there are different lists to chose from that are focused on different topics. For example there are numerous lists to chose from for New York City, one of the lists is “A Perfect Day in Manhattan“. The lists recommends human curated recommendations for places to go to in Manhattan. Places range from food, to sight seeing, to nightlife, you can pretty much find anything you’re looking to do. The best part about Mosey’s is that each list is created by real people with real reviews with real opinions. This is great because the human aspect of Mosey’s allows for the user to know exactly what to expect since it’s reviewed by real people.

Mosey - allows me to explore so many places I wouldn't without it

Mosey - experience wherever you go to the fullestNot Your Hometown? Perfect!

Mosey is great because you can connect Facebook and see what your friends love exploring. This adds an added value to Mosey. Personally, I love exploring new places and trying new things. That’s why I love Mosey, I think it’s great. It allows me to explore so many places I wouldn’t without it. Although it doesn’t actually give me that push to try new things, it gives me the means to. Let’s say I was in an unfamiliar city, I would right away consult with Mosey for amazing new places to go to. That’s why I love Mosey, you can access it from anywhere, your computer, your tablet, and even your mobile device. I think anyone who loves exploring new places, loves traveling, and just in general likes doing cool things, would benefit from using Mosey. Try it out for yourself and start exploring!

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