JustLanded – App of the Week: Never Leave Friends Stranded at the Airport Again!

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2012 by

JustLanded is a new app whose goal is to give you “supernaturally good airport pickup timing“. By entering in the flight number and setting your location, the app will alert you at the exact time you need to leave in order to get to the terminal on time!

Have you ever left someone stranded at the airport?

We’ve all done it. I must admit that I have. And I’m sure someone you know has too. That’s right, we’ve all fallen victim at some point to being the bad guy who makes a friend or relative wait for hours to be picked up at the airport. Being on time for airport pickups is quite the skill, and fighting airport security to get flight information on delayed flights is even more of one…

Enter JustLanded ($0.99 at the app store), the app aiming to bring an end to our airport pickup troubles. The app combines minute to minute flight info with your current location (GPS points) to figure out just how long it will take you to get to the airport on time. If you have errands to run or things to do, don’t worry: The GPS location changes as you move and JustLanded adjusts it’s timetable to alert you exactly when you have to leave from wherever you are.

What you need to do:

All you need to do is have the arriving airline code and/or the flight number to start.

Then allow the app to use your location. (side note: if you press “do not allow” at first you get that cute orange alerting triangle on your page – to fix it, simply go into your iOS settings and allow the app to use your location manually).

More time to enjoy your day

So next time you’re on airport pickup duty and – having taken AllMyFaves’ advice – are ready, equipped with your JustLanded app, you can sit back and enjoy your day until the app alerts you when it’s time to leave! It will even give you directions and maps to the airport.

Although hopefully you wont get the message I got when I tried JustLanding out while waiting to pick up a friend from the airport… “landing: NOW”  (yep, I was still late!). Just make sure to enter the information in as soon as you know that you have to pick someone up, and I’m sure you’ll be fine!

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