10 Struggles When Taking a Long Flight

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29fb6fdfbc67cb48e3c9fa3defbb0906Long flights can be irritating. Have you ever experienced anything out of the ordinary on a flight? Check some of them out here:

The Struggle is Real

Have you ever flown to another country or another state? Your flight was over at least 4/5 hours? Then you know the struggles one can experience on a long flight. Here are ten things that make your flight feel even longer:


1. Not Being Able to Sleep


Some like to take a Benadryl or Tylenol PM before boarding a long flight so they can sleep a majority of the time. The worst is when you can’t sleep. You keep yelling at yourself that in order to beat the jet lag, you have to sleep a certain amount of hours on the plane. Sometimes it’s because of the quality selection of movies the airline offers, other times it’s because you simply can’t. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Solution: Try to upgrade your seat. If this is not possible, bring a neck pillow you always see people carrying around the airport.

2. Pros and Cons of the Aisle Seat


For tall people, the aisle seat is the way to go because it gives you more leg room. If you didn’t bring a neck pillow or something to lean on if you fall asleep, you’re SOL. Just hope the airline offers those little pillows that are usually given on long flights. Also, the window or middle seat person will always come to you first when they need to get out of their seat so be prepared to get up frequently.

Solution: Look for a tall person on the plane that has a middle or window seat if you really don’t want the aisle. I’m sure they would switch with you.

3. Pros and Cons of the Middle Seat


There simply isn’t a pro for being in the middle seat. Unless you know the people sitting around you, it will be a rough flight. You’re either going to be that person that falls asleep on your neighbor, or have your neighbor fall asleep on you. If you don’t know them, well that’s unfortunate.

Solution: Plan on not bringing too much in your carry-on so you can make the most of the space you have.

4. The Complainer


Congratulations! You get to sit next to someone who is ready to vent and complain the entire flight! Get ready because this will make your long flight even longer.

Solution: Politely reply, and say you need to get some sleep. Proceed to put headphones in. I recommend to leave them on the rest of the flight.

5. Bipolar Temperatures


I would say that every flight I’ve been on has had different temperature levels. Sometimes it’s freezing cold, and sometimes it’s really hot. But hey, what can you do?

Solution: Always be prepared with layers… Even if you look ridiculous.

6. The Food


Sometimes airline food just isn’t the best…

Solution: Plan on bringing snacks and gum. You’ll thank me later.

7. Babies


Yes, babies. We’ve all been on flights, short or long, that have at least one baby on board. There really isn’t anything you can do but hope they won’t cry the entire flight.

Solution: Bring headphones or earplugs if you’re trying to sleep.

8. Dehydration


Being on a plane for so long can make you very dehydrated even if you drink the little cups of water they give you every so often.

Solution: A tip I have for everyone is buy that huge water bottle the convenient store sells at your gate. I promise it’ll be worth it.

9. Dress Comfortably


There are a lot of people that fly for business reasons but the key to be comfortable during a flight is to dress in appropriate clothing. This will be helpful when going through security too as you won’t be the one holding up the line while you struggle to take your shoes off. Speaking of shoes, don’t be that person that takes their shoes off and makes the whole plane smell. I know sometimes it’s unavoidable but if that’s the case, just wear flip flops please.

Solution: Wear shoes that will be easy to take on and off. Relating to #5, bring layers that will be easy to put on and remove.

10. Group Trips

Teen tours, birthright, or large family getaways, there are always large groups of people traveling together on long flights. Sometimes they are always switching seats and others, they are moving around the plane to find their friends. I’ve been apart of that group several times and when you are one of the participants, the flight isn’t so bad. It goes by quicker when you have a lot of people traveling with you. When you are on the outside of that group as a lone traveler, I can tell how that can be annoying.

Solution: This is inevitable. Maybe you can try to upgrade to a seat closer to the front of the plane but the only other way to not be disturbed by these groups is by bringing the large pair of headphones that block out all other noise. You can also take advantage and make new friends by meeting the people on these groups. Half the time, they all just met at the airport right before the flight so they all barely know each other.

Have any of you ever experienced any of these on a long flight? As I will be leaving Israel at the end of the week to return to the U.S., I will be sure to experience at least one of these. Wish me luck!

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