Why Loccit’s Social Media Diary is the Most Modern Diary Ever

Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by

Loccit is the modern day diary; absolutely virtual and if you never write down a word you still have plenty to read and see! Loccit integrates your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more into one beautiful, streamlined virtual diary.

Diary 2.0

Diaries that people used to write and keep forever are nearly obsolete. Private thoughts that were reserved for pages of one’s diary are now being broadcasted to the world through the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Loccit saw this correlation between the lack of diaries and increase in updates through social media and decided to create a virtual diary. Loccit takes a modern approach on reliving your most precious memories.

Sign up to Loccit, connect your different social media accounts, and in minutes you have your own, unique
diary. Flip back all the way to 2010 and up until today! Photos, status updates, tweets, job changes, and more are organized by the date you made the post. You can also add in your own reflections after the day has passed.

Interested in knowing the progression of Beyonce’s life? Loccit also has a celebrity diary feature. From JustinBieber to Mr. Bean you can view all of their tweets, photos, and more-it’s as if you’re reading their private diary.

Think nothing replaces the feel of holding a diary and flipping through the pages? You’re in luck- Loccit has an option to order a copy of your diary to keep. If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, posting for everyday during the year and later viewing your year will make a great gift that you can show your grandkids one day.

Keeping a diary has never been easier, or more private. Create your own diary today and relive the past.

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