Tackk: An Easier, More Creative Way To Post Anything Online

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by

Tackk is the latest in a long line of sites that help you publish anything in a flash. And it’s probably the best too! From save-the-dates to promoting the next school fundraiser, Tackk brings your ideas to life with pizzazz.

Bulletin board of the future?

Tackk comes from the age-old method of tacking a flyer onto a bulletin board, way before Mark Zuckerberg changed our lives. If you find mediums like Facebook and Twitter too limiting to spread your message, Tackk is the perfect solution. Don’t know how to use a design program? No worries, Tackk guides you through creating your own unique, online poster to advertise anything, from showing off a new recipe, to inviting friends to your latest event, or even to sell your car, house or old clothes!

Could not be easier to use!

Tackk’s co-founder, Eric Bockmuller shared with us that his site’s user-friendliness is key to the whole idea:

“We saw our friends and family trying to share things online — things they love or stories they wanted to tell — and realized what a struggle it was for them. It seemed like something that should be really simple was so hard, so we decided to create Tackk.com.”

And it really is that simple: Check out this party invitation I made on Tackk for Halloween –

I really love how Tackk guides you effortlessly through the creation process: When I made my invite, I was able to move around the text boxes, upload my photo, and change fonts and colors in seconds. Takk even has a feature that will include a map to show guests how to get to their destination if you’re using it to make a party invite!

Sharing your content

In order to create your Tackk board, you can just start – absolutely no registration or signup is required! Tackk even saves your work automatically for you so you can use it later. Looking for more inspiration? I found browsing the Tackkboard really useful to see how other people used Tackk. And of course it’s an easy way to share your own creative posters and ideas for the world to see.

Bottom Line on Tackk:

Tackk provides one of the most user-friendly ways to publish any kind of notice or advertisement you want and show it off to the world in minutes!

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