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Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 by

If you’re looking for a new job and spend hours tweaking your resume, it’s time to exit out of your word document. Say hello to the latest and – I’d say – greatest way to show off yourself, your portfolio, or your business with

Say goodbye to boring portfolios blows some of the newly created resume and portfolio websites out of the water, many of which you can find in our selection of interesting business sites. Whether it is for work or your resume, the ways to show off your skills or product through are endless. According to one of its creators, “ is a DIY, code-free website builder that allows anyone to set up a modern, mobile optimized web presence in under 30 minutes. Speed and mobile are’s two central focuses” … not to mention making it so user friendly that even I could make a website on it!

You choose a plan ranging from basic which is free, to pro, at $16 a month. Even with the basic program, you can have two beautiful site pages with ways to market yourself. Pick from a range of templates geared towards visual portfolios if you’re a photographer, or something with more content if you’re in business. There is a quick tour of how to edit the examples they provide you.

Make your resume come to life

Creating your striking site can be as quick and easy as you choose. If you just want to upload a basic resume and recommendation letters, you can do that. Looking to wow your readers a little more? Fill out everything from “What I love to do” to an accolades page full of accomplishments.

Bottom Line + Special offer

Similar to Vizify, is certainly visually stimulating your readers eyes. But now, you can wow them with even more facts and photos about you and your accomplishments, and best of all, it’s all on one page! So why not create a striking portfolio today to see what opportunities arise tomorrow with

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