Py: Learn In-Demand Skills

Posted on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 by

Py offers over 1,000 free lessons in everything from SQL to graphic design.

Like Duolingo for Coding…

There are many apps and website that help users learn programming languages or other technical skills. None of them look as nice, or are as effective as, Py. Py’s design and functionality takes a cue from Duolingo, presenting lessons in a similar manner. Questions are asked in a multiple choice manner, but they go beyond just retention and require some critical thinking from the start. You won’t become a coding professional by learning Python or JavaScript on Py, but you can learn some extra skills and keep up with whatever you’re learning and practicing outside of the app. Plus, since the app is always with you on your mobile device, you can squeeze some extra learning in on the go or whenever you get some extra down time.

…And Other In-Demand Skills!

There are many different types of classes on Py, and the courses aren’t limited to programming languages. There’s a course called “Coding Interviews,” aimed to help users land a job at a tech company like Google or Facebook. There’s also a data analysis course, for users wanting to learn the fundamentals of that increasingly in-demand skill. As on Duolingo, you can also set daily goals for usage of the app. It’s fun to progress through Py lessons, and since the majority of the questions are multiple choice it makes things easier than solving difficult coding problems from the start, as you might have to do on a site like Codeacademy.

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