Groovideo – For When A Facebook “Happy Birthday” Won’t Cut It!

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 by

Want to treat your friends right and send them more then the typical Facebook birthday post? With Groovideo you can bring friends and family together and send a fun birthday video for free!

The easy steps for making a Groovideo Birthday Video

First you decide what you want people to do in the video, pick a fun track and then send out invites to everyone participating. Everyone records their own video, and then Groovideo will put all the videos together into one awesome birthday video. With Groovideo there’s no need for the extra hassle of gathering everyone together in one place. The participants can be on different continents yet still make one exciting birthday video!

What if I’m bad with computers?

It doesn’t matter since Groovideo does all the tough video editing. Groovideo makes it easy for anyone to make a cool group birthday video. Give your friends the birthday greeting they deserve and head to Groovideo today!

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