FindTheBest – Compare the Best of Almost Anything!

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 by

FindTheBest – This, ladies and gents, is the comparison site to end all comparison sites. We’ve seen them popping up all over the internet over the past few years; each one covering a different life decision, from choosing cheap car insurance to getting your groceries. Never before though, have we seen something as comprehensive as a site like Find the Best, that compares nearly anything for you. And I really mean nearly anything!

Whether you need help deciding on the best smartphone for you, or even the best college, there’s very little that isn’t contained within the site’s slick visual, interactive display. I tested out the site by looking up a comparison of the top web browsers, and you can see from the preview below that the creators have worked hard to find the ideal blend of depth and user-friendliness. The interface is bright and fun, while retaining the serious comparisons you need to make that big decision.

There's an interesting mixture of depth and pretty colors on Find the Best's ultimate comparison website!

It certainly isn’t easy fitting all of the internet into one visual location (we at All My Faves are proud pioneers of this!), and I think it only fair for you to judge whether it works for yourself, so click here or on the pic above, and try comparing the best of whatever you’re looking for!

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