Curisma: Find top gadgets in a community of geeks like you!

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012 by

The best thing about finding a sexy, beautifully designed, smart (and probably useless) new gadget is sharing your passion about it with people who understand your enthusiasm. Curisma is a community for lovers of top gadgets, it allows you to follow people of similar taste and discover new gadgets while providing you with a place to bookmark all your “I must get it some day” cool gadgets.

Top gadgets from all over the web, gathered in one place

As top gadget lovers ourselves, we know gadget lovers usually browse at least weekly through their favorite gadget sites. And we also know that usually you just find the same things but in different versions. By offering the first truly social gadgets site, Curisma helps you discover tons of top gadgets you didn’t even think you might be interested in. The ‘add to Curisma‘ bookmarklet button they provide you with is supposed to make collecting new, top gadgets to your portfolio easier but when I experimented with it, it didn’t quite work…

It’s top gadgets, it’s social, it’s curation. It’s clearly cool!

All in all, Curisma is worth a look. It’s great if you love useless gadgets that you see and immediately think you need (and make you wish you were rich enough to purchase…). It also introduces you to like minded gadget geeks people who share your taste in this wonderfully pointless hobby of ours. One warning though, once you enter Curisma, there’s probably no way back!

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