Lemons are Not Red?

Quamut – People are Human and as Humans we like the Human Touch. Want a compact, well-organized guide to how to knit, how to choose between lcd vs plasma, or watch football? Every Quamut is written by an expert, reviewed by a fact-checker, and produced by an editorial team at Barnes & Noble‘s headquarters in New York, all of which helps to make the content authoritative, consistent and reliable. The guides cover everything from narrowly focused topics to broad subjects. Go Human! Human Rules!

Photoshop Express – Photoshop is the current market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation. Photoshop is commonly used by photographers, art related professionals or common people that have the urge to luminous their photos. For the past 2 years many similar applications (FotoFlexer, Rsizr, WiredNess, Picnik and Phixr) have been featured online, I always wondered how come the shoemaker’s son is walking barefoot. At last Photoshop launched an online version, now you can crop, rotate, tweak, twirl and show off your photos to the world. And if cropping isn’t your cup of tea, sit back and enjoy browsing an enormous amount of Galleries.

Lookybook – A fantastic way to read entire children’s picture books online, for free, just like you would in a bookstore (but without leaving your home). Some of the books have too small print to easily read, but you can still get the gist of the book, and figure out whether or not you’d like to buy the book. LookyBook includes new books and older titles, you may be able to find some great books for your children or yourself that you might have missed. If you have a site or blog, you can also embed a book into your site, so your visitors can read it. Who said that Lemons are not Red? For more kids books make sure you check our books faveline on the kids page.

Shine – Competition is healthy, especially for the consumer. Yahoo has been taking the Google competition very seriously and since 2006 has launched Yahoo! Tech, Yahoo! Food, Yahoo! Buzz and Yahoo! Video. And now another great product from Yahoo! – Shine. Shine is meant to be an Internet starting point for women between the ages of 25 and 54. Shine will provide content in various categories including fashion, beauty, relationships, healthy living and parenting. The brilliance behind the site is that in contradiction to most woman sites that usually are targeted to specific niches Shine appeals to all women regardless to their background. Shine reminds me of – Ain’t no Sunshine, I wonder why?

Kikajomonti – Shopping for jewelry online can be quite overwhelming as the variety is endless. Kikajomonti offers a centralized shopping experience showcasing a collection of beautiful and sophisticated jewelry and accessories. The collections are eclectic and well chosen, letting you choose only from the best, I found Anna Beck as a remarkable jewelry designer. Above all, Kikajomonti has joined in the fight against cancer with the Lance Armstrong Foundation by donating 10% of all proceeds. For more Jewelry check our Jewelry faveline.

Music Nation – Music Nation is an online music community thats goal is to help new artists find their way of fulfilling their dream – being discovered. The aspired music makers can upload their profiles and most importantly their music and the system can either help their promote, sell or simply re-direct more fans and friends to the band’s desired website. Similar sites that have been featured on our weekly faves include: SellaBand and TheSixtyOne.

PlayCafe – A live online game show that involves you as a contestant, every weekday at 6 PM PT or 9 PM ET. Ever watched a game show and thought, “I could do better than those people”? Now is your chance to prove it. PlayCafe is a lot like a family game night, with real prizes that range from iTunes and Amazon gift certificates to Nintendo Wiis and $1000 cash. The tone is lively, friendly, and fun. Interaction is highly encouraged, you can meet people and make friends on the site to form teams. The show is hosted by Daniella Martin, she knows how to keep the tempo up. Enjoy!

Handipoints – When I was a child my daily task was taking the dishes out of the dishwasher, my parents used to pay me 0.75$ for each clearance. As a child I was kinda frustrated that I had to earn my allowance while my friends used to get it for “free” but as I grew older I understood the logic behind my parents act. Handipoints creates the exact effect. Parents set task and goals and upon completion the child receives points that can be converted to money or virtual rewards. See How it Works!

Songsterr – Songsterr is a service offering an extraordinary experience of playing, learning, and singing guitar on-line. Songsterr provides a realistic guitar sound and gives you a full control over the playback – it’s up to you to decide when it’s time to move to the next chord and to sing a new verse. All you have to do is press the button during playback when you feel it’s time to.

SonicThe famous hedgehog is back and it’s just like the original Sega system.