Vidcaster – Free Youtube Video Site Maker

VidCaster – If you’ve ever wanted to create a site for all of your videos, or you’re running a business that aims to engage users through video, this is a great site for you. Vidcaster is a one-click video site maker. Its services are free if you just want to make a site to host all of your Youtube videos. If you want to use it for your business there is a small fee, but it definitely adds value for that fee, including hosting + video management for SMBs, corporate marketers and content producers.

If you’re looking for a site that instantly creates engaging, fully SEO’d video websites without the hassle or cost of combining separate services like YouTube+WordPress, Brightcove+CustomCMS, then click the photo below, and try Vidcaster out.

Treehouse: The Easiest Way for Average Joes to Learn Web Design

Team Treehouse – What do you want to learn today? If you were thinking, “Oh, well I really have been wondering how Web Design, Web Development and iOS works”, then this is THE site for you!

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