Baby Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies

StudioArthur – And now time for a bit of British humour for you. A funny mummy in the UK has been passing the time at home with her baby, Arthur, by taking photos of him in (surprisingly accurate) recreations of famous movies. It speaks for itself really, and it’s so cute. Arthur already appears to be going viral, and so All My Faves has jumped on the proverbial bandwagon to bring you more of the best of the web 🙂

Rambo Arthur’s probably my favourite one, but there’s loads more to find. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Howdy – iPhone App of the Week: Free Photographic & Video Greeting Cards

Howdy! – We have a lot of ways to send personalized cards to friends and family over the internet. But on the iPhone? Well the choice was pretty sparse until Howdy came along rather conveniently. It’s a free app, that allows you to snap a photo or short video, add it to one of their cutesy templates, and then send it as a greeting card to someone you love. We think Howdy works very nicely, and the interface is simple, clean, yet fun. Check out the cool site Howdy’s creators have made before downloading. Just click on the pic to get there.