Cyber Monday Part II: Green Monday Deals

Green Monday 2 is the new Cyber MondayGreen Monday is just around the corner and some of the best deals from the biggest shopping retailers are available for just one more day. So what are you waiting for, shop Green Monday now!

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Your Guide to the Best Holiday Gifts 2011

The AllMyFaves Holiday Gift Guide 2011 – Happy holidays from All My Faves! We’re totally dedicated to making it easier for you to use the internet in every way, whether it’s your holiday shopping or finding you the best Black Friday deals on the web.

Gadgets | The AllMyFaves Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Every holiday season we found ourselves searching through endless websites and blogs, looking for the best deals or the best holiday gifts. It’s a black hole of information out there, and it really can consume hours and hours of your time finding that perfect Christmas present. So that’s why we’ve come up with the easiest to navigate, most simple, straightforward page, linking you to the most popular gifts of 2011. Click on the samples from our Holiday Gift Guide above or below, and find that perfect present in minutes!

His & Hers Gifts | The AllMyFaves Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Now, if you’re looking for something even more comprehensive, we’ve actually searched through the web to find the top 10 gifts in categories like ‘Top 10 Books’ and ‘Top 10 DVDs’; as well as the top 10 deals sites. You’ll find all that information in an easy-to-use visual directory created with you in mind, called The AllMyFaves Easy Holiday Gift Guide.

And if that isn’t enough, this week we’re featuring the amazing Amazon Black Friday Deals Week as a Weekly Fave (just click on the logo below). It really does have some great deals, helping you to save money this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

Countdown to Black Friday: Cheap Amazon Deals!

Amazon’s Black Friday Countdown – Oh you lucky, lucky consumers. We all love a good deal, and Black Friday is the greatest deal day of them all.  And basking in its status as “Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company”, it holds a whole WEEK of deals, starting the Monday of Black Friday. And to get us all pumped up and ready, it’s launched a countdown to its week of awesome deals.

I for one literally can’t wait. I’m sitting with my credit card poised at my screen right now… I’m considering whether to spend my birthday money (from the past three years…) on a shiny new iPad. Where better to visualise all my favourite websites on my All My Faves Homepage!? What do you guys want to get a great deal on? Comment, tweet us, let us know!