The Eatery – Stop Counting Calories, Start Eating Better

The Eatery – Massive Health have released a new app that helps you eat better without ┬áhaving to waste time obsessing over calorie counting! You use The Eatery to snap photos of your food. The app will then provide a big-picture breakdown of your habits, including your strengths, weaknesses, and the best places to start making a change.

It really is clever, and also very nicely presented too, which is always a big plus for us. This is also the kind of site that we feature in our Recipes Faves page. Check it too, it’s essential for any foodie among us!

Howdy – iPhone App of the Week: Free Photographic & Video Greeting Cards

Howdy! – We have a lot of ways to send personalized cards to friends and family over the internet. But on the iPhone? Well the choice was pretty sparse until Howdy came along rather conveniently. It’s a free app, that allows you to snap a photo or short video, add it to one of their cutesy templates, and then send it as a greeting card to someone you love. We think Howdy works very nicely, and the interface is simple, clean, yet fun. Check out the cool site Howdy’s creators have made before downloading. Just click on the pic to get there.