21 Best Goals in Football (Soccer) Since 2000

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21 Best Goals in Football (Soccer) Since 2000Football (soccer) is one of the biggest sports on Earth and it’s popular across all levels and ages. Like any sport there are moments to remember, and these 21 best goals are no exception.


Football is one of the most famous sports on earth. The sport triggers a lot of players, staff, fans, and of course money across all levels. This sport also generates strong emotions: just think about the World Cup and the pride an individual has for their own country. Football would be nothing without the 22 actors who play on the field. The saves of goalkeepers, the wonderful passes of midfielders… and the amazing goals of the attackers. Here, you will find 21 of the best goals by the greatest players (Ronaldo, Zidane, Messi…), scored on this millennia.

1. Gareth Bale and his amazing run (Real Madrid – FC Barcelone 2014)

2. The sequence of Thierry Henry (Arsenal – Manchester United 2000)

3. Ronaldinho Bicycle (FC Barcelone – Villareal 2006)

4. And the more amazing bicycle of the Swedish Ibrahimovic (Sweden – England 2012)

5. The strong hit of Wayne Rooney (Manchester United – Newcastle 2005)

6. The lesson of Football of the genius Messi (FC Barcelone – Getafe 2007)

 7. One of the most important goal of Zidane in his career (Real Madrid – Bayer Leverkusen 2002)

8. The touch of the artist Pirlo (AC Milan – Parma 2010)

9. David Beckham and the free kicks…(Manchester United – Everton 2003)

10. The instinct of the great scorer Pauleta (PSG – Marseille 2004)

11. Cristiano Ronaldo and his strokes of genius (Real Madrid – Valencia 2014)

12. You’ll never walk alone…Steven Gerrard (Liverpool – West Ham 2006)

13. The precious goal of James Rodriguez during the latest World Cup (Colombia – Uruguay 2014)

15. The great volley kick of Robben receiving a corner (Manchester United – FC Bayern 2010)

16. The karate move of Xavi (FC Barcelone – Real Madrid 2004)

17. The talented solo of Edinson Cavani (PSG – Bastia 2013)

18. The kick master Franck Lampard (Chelsea – Ipswich Town 2009)

19. The ingenious back heel of Jeremy Menez (Parma – Milan AC 2014)

20. The quickness of David Villa in his movement (Athletico Madrid – FC Barcelone 2013)

 21. Kaka humiliates the defense of Manchester United (Milan AC – Manchester United 2007)

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