Twtrland – A Simple Way to Browse the Social Web

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Twtrland is a simple way to learn about people by the content they share online. It’s a new way to search the twitter graph. There’s a whole world out there, explore it.

Exploring, Discovering, Enjoying, Interesting

Twtrland is a simple way to browse the social web. Twtrland visualizes social footprints to help you discover new people, understand their impact and increase your network. Currently serving 2M visitors a month. Your profile includes the essence of who you are based on your activity on twitter and Instagram. A simple­-to­-understand snapshot, including influence metrics, close network, skills & expertise, audience analysis, famous content and much more. You can also search for people by Interest, location, and skills & expertise.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Twtrland CEO says “Twtrland was designed on the beach with a pen, paper and coffee. It was built to help me decide whether I want to follow someone or not. Today it helps millions of people around the world better discover and connect in the social web”. Twtrland does the research for you. All you have to do is decide what sort of numbers you want Twtrland to display, endless possibilities are possible. Categories such as age, gender location of followers, retweets for every 100 tweets… etc.

Google Analytics for Twitter and Instagram

All sorts of powerful tools can be harnessed with Twtrland such as followers distribution, which display close connections and engagement stats show who’s listening on the other side of the screen. The Best and Recent of a user’s content breakdown shows who he really is, from first hand. Use Activity, Amplification and Outreach quantified by objective measurements. In the end, without a doubt, Twtrland is a powerful tool for any company, person, or daily user of Twitter and or Instagram. Definitely worth exploring. Check it out here!

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