Storylane: Where You Share Only Things That Really Matter

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by

Storylane’s growing collection of stories will connect you with your friends in a deeper, more profound way, while your experiences, decisions, and opinions could bring inspiration to many others.

Spread thoughts, share emotions…

It is better to be a wise person than a smart person, for a wise person learns from other’s mistakes and not just that of their own. Storylane allows you to be the wise person you’ve always wanted to be.

Storylane is a unique website that really lets you dive into other people’s experiences and answer the questions you’ve been too afraid of experiencing yourself. Think that your life stories could help or inspire others? Storylane is your place to see whether that is the case. We asked its creators to describe Storylane in one sentence, and they told us that “At the end, Storylane resembles a wiki not of facts but of human experiences”.

“Go beyond posting status updates and instead dive deeper into the narrative of your life!”

In an age dominated by 120 character status updates (usually about nothing in particular), it is pretty refreshing to come across a website that goes against the grain in the way that Storylane does.

Like Cowbird, which we shared with you earlier this year (and loved!), Storylane rejects the idea that people are only interested in one sentence about you. This is all about sharing your experiences and learning from those of others. And we love it!

You can choose from 12 categories to write about, add photos, even add audio to narrate your travels, your work, your meaning.

Bottom Line on Storylane:

Help Storylane create a community  of interesting individuals to spark conversations and creativity. As one Jenna Santana on Twitter writes, “I challenge you to sign up for this and not have a thoughtful, inspired,  life-is-wonderful kind of moment.” Maybe you should take up Jenna’s challenge and share your life’s meaning today!

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