Social Media Tools: Glossi – All Your Social Media Profiles On One Page

Posted on Monday, July 30th, 2012 by

 Is your social media content spread out over multiple social networking sites? Glossi aims to become the one page you use to showcase it all, in a beautiful, simple way.

Why do I want to combine my social media life?

So you post great content on Facebook, Tweet, Instagram everything you see out ‘n’ about, and Tumblr all those pictures you’d probably Facebook, Tweet and Instagram also. You have this awesome social media presence, yet its fragmented all over the web, which means your fans, followers, subscribers and friends are also fragmented across the web.

Glossi aims to solve that problem by aggregating all that content from across the web onto one page, and it looks like the one you see below.

But do you really need a Glossi?

The Glossi profile above belongs to co-founder Marc Schaffner-Gurney. We asked him to explain the main need for one, and this is what he told us:

“The fact is, your social media activity IS your web presence. With a few clicks, Glossi creates a living magazine of you that is always up-to-date and that you are proud to share. Now it’s easy to show your friends and fans who you are, beautifully, and in one place.”

Sounds great really. So I made myself a profile too to see whether this was really the case, and you can see the result below. I really like the way it combines my Facebook profile and cover photos, Linkedin professional info, and Twitter bio. It’s also really interesting to have my Foursquare check-ins conveniently sitting alongside the photos I’ve shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What about Glossi profiles for brands?

A big question for Glossi is whether it could be used by brands to showcase their social media presence. And well our All My Faves profile looks pretty great in principal – putting Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and our blog posts onto one cool page.

Unfortunately the Facebook connection wouldn’t allow me to connect our brand page (it’s linking to my own Facebook profile!). Once that’s remedied Glossi could be an intriguing, new way for brands to show off their entire social media presence in one place.

Bottom Line on Glossi:

Glossi is a new way to show off all your social media content in one place. It’s still young, which means a few things still need ironing out, but there’s definitely interesting potential in social media tools like Glossi to solve the problem of yours or your brand’s fragmented web presence.

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