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RACER - revolutionary gaming experience will allow users to play against each other using their mobile devices and tabletsJoin the mobile gaming revolution today with Racer. Line up your phones and tablets to create a race track across up to five screens. No apps. No downloads. Just start a race, sync up and tap your screens to rev your engines. Multiplayer games for the mobile browser are here.

It’s A Race To The Finish Line

Are you ready for the next generation mobile gaming? Ready or not, it’s here, via Google. The project joins the lineup of Chrome experiments from Google and has been coined RACER. This revolutionary gaming experience will allow users to play against each other using their mobile devices and tablets. RACER is so great because virtually anyone can play as no apps and no downloads are needed. Simply connect to the same WiFi connection and Chrome seamlessly sync’s up to five devices to the same game. Simple gameplay ensures guaranteed fun. The point of the game is simple, get to the finish line first. Race around tricky curves and under bridges. In theses races its not all about speed, it’s about gauging the right amount of speed at the right time. Oh and also watch out for other racers, you might just collide into them and explode… NO JOKE! Races are very short and very easy to control with the tap of the screen controlling the speed of the car.  Where supported, Racer’s soundtrack reacts to each driver’s movements—accelerating, coasting, careening, and colliding. The Web Audio API dynamically mixes Giorgio Moroder’s symphony of sound in realtime as you race.

RACER divides the race's track into equal parts and display's that part on the appropriate player's screen

Sharing Screens is Caring!

Alongside the cool aspects of RACER such as the social aspects of everyone playing the same race using their own mobile device or tablet, the coolest aspect of RACER is quite remarkable. RACER divides the race’s track into equal parts and display’s that part on the appropriate player’s screen. This requires all players to sit beside each other in a correct order for the racetrack to puzzle together. This means all users in a way share screens and need each other’s screens to complete the race. This creative twists adds a whole new aspect to the game. I can safely say that after giving RACER a go at work with my colleagues, it is more than just a simple game. Although such simple gameplay, it brought us just as much if not more enjoyment than crazy complicated games. RACER is just one tool Google is using to promote their browser Chrome and RACER definitely does the job. We can only hope for more Chrome experiments such as RACER to be released. Gather up your friends, family or pretty much anyone and start playing this cool game! Check it out here.

Racer - Races are very short and very easy to control with the tap of the screen controlling the speed of the car

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