Lingualia – It’s Time to Learn Languages Online

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Lingualia - you will progress much faster through a course which centres on your requirementsEver wanted to enhance and learn new languages? Now you can with Lingualia, a revolutionary new way to learn languages. It’s a a social network for learning languages and meeting people from all over the world to practice with.

Learning Languages Made Simple!

Lingualia is a revolutionary, new, and completely flexible learning method which adapts to you and your rhythm whether you have just 5 minutes or an entire hour of free time. You can take Lingualia wherever you go connect via your home computer, or your mobile phone; Lingualia synchronizes your progress across all your devices. Connect wherever and whenever you want! With Lingualia you can practice with native speakers who will help you further understand your new language. And in return, you can help those people who are learning your language! Lingualia integrates social networking into learning new languages to make the long and boring process faster and much more enjoyable.

Say Hello To Lingu… Your Personal Online Tutor

Lingu is your made-to-measure, intelligent teacher who uses artificial intelligence to adapt the course to your level, progress, and motivation to personalize your learning experience. With Lingu, you will progress much faster through a course which centres on your requirements. It doesn’t matter where or for how much free time you have for practice, Lingualia saves your progress and your results, and synchronises your information across all devices: web, mobile, tablet, etc. Each time you connect to Lingualia, you will continue from the very last step of your totally personalized language experience.

An Alternative to Rosetta Stone?!

With 200 didactic lessons, more than 8,000 audios, grammar flashcards, phonetics practice to improve pronunciation, and dialogues with images and audios Lingualia has got the resources you need to become bilingual and even trilingual in no time. You can pause a learning session at any point and continue whenever you want from that exact point even if you connect from another device (Android, Web). Put into practice everything you learn with Lingualia with other members of the global community and improve your pronunciation and fluency in your chosen language. In the Lingualia community, you will be able to deepen your knowledge, and make new friends with people from all over the world who share your interests. Out with the Rosetta Stone, in with Lingualia! Check it today and start expanding your linguistic skills.

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