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If you are like me and must always have an eBook lined up on your Kindle (device or app…) then Lendle is about to become your next big hobby! Lendle is a new social community website for us poor book lovers. The website functions as a free social eBook library in-which you peek at other people’s eBook stock while allowing them to see the eBooks you own. If you find a title you fancy you can make a request to borrow it.

How does it work?

Lendle.me – After a user friendly registration you state the eBooks you own and start looking for eBooks you would like to borrow. You can search by titles, authors and genre but also by joining a ‘club’ of people who share your book flavor taste. Once you found the book you like you make a request to borrow it and the owner chooses whether to lend it to you or not. In order to make sure people do lend their eBooks Lendle has constructed an achievements, badges and (more importantly) lend/borrow scale that enables you to earn Amazon gift cards. So the more you lend your eBooks on Lendle, the more Amazon gift cards you earn!

Almost too good to be true…

Of course there is a down side as well; not all the eBooks are ‘lendable’, which means that a lot of good titles will still be out of your reach if you can’t afford them… Secondly after 14 days the eBook will return to its owner which means that if you are a slow reader, you may end up with some frustration. But looking at the pros and cons this website is (and I don’t exaggerate) nothing less then a life changer for me and the likes of me. Go check out Lendle, you can thank me later…










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