Irrive Makes It Easy To Create A Beautiful Scrapbook of Your Life

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by

Irrive is an online social platform that weaves all of your photos, posts, tweets and check-ins, regarding a specific event, into a beautiful and shareable scrapbook. What will yours look like?

Leveraging social media

Irrive is a social scrapbook that automatically organizes an individual’s or group’s social media content (pictures, checkins, tweets, posts, etc.) around a specific event — travel, party, wedding, weekend adventure, etc.¬† Each Irrive social scrapbook has its own webpage and privacy setting, so it is easy to share. So if you’re planning an event, an Irrive scrapbook could be just what you need to get organized.

You get the content, Irrive will do the rest…

In a world with massive amounts of content generated and shared by friends, there is no single source to see where your friends have gone and what they did around a specific life event. All of our great content is spread out over multiple social feeds and gets disconnected.

Irrive aims to fix that problem: it automatically weaves all of your photos, posts and check-ins into one beautiful page, the¬†scrapbook, and you decide who has access. There is also an option to create group scrapbooks. this feature allow you to create scrapbooks with friends and family so that everyone’s photos, check-ins and more will flow into one beautiful page.

This way you can cover an event from every angle or if you are scrapbooking a future event or trip, get some great advices… All in all a great platform for traveling and event content sharing, I am bound to try it the next time I plane a family gathering.


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