Use Google Docs? Makes Online Group Work Easier…

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by

Do you use Google Docs to share work and ideas online? Well is an interesting alternative to Google Docs with a fun, free brainstorming platform focused all around murals… funnily enough!

Can you really brainstorm online? is an innovative platform with a mural based answer to that question. According to its creators, “a Mural is a flexible content format that aggregates media and files, an ideal collaboration tool”. The platform allows users to aggregate links and other web content and displays them in a customizable space that resembles a physical bulletin board or wall.

It also serves as a social network for “ideators”, individuals who can co-create engaging murals and learn more about each other’s personal interests or business ideas.

Could your business switch to

Similar to Google Docs, multiple individuals can work on mural content in real-time while using, making it an ideal collaboration platform for global teams. Users can invite others to edit murals through an individual invite email function or through a shared link that is ideal for sharing with larger groups. Completed murals can also be showcased with a full-screen presentation mode, ideal for multiple environments such as sales meetings, creative presentations, or interactive classroom settings.

Innovative sharing

Both public and private murals are available for users who want to either open their content to group input or control the sharing of proprietary information by keeping the mural within a closed work or personal group. So whether you need a collaboration tool for work, interested in friends opinion on a personal project or want general opinion from other “ideators”, is the platform for you. Try this great free online tool and take your project to the next step.


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