Favstar: See What’s Interesting, Popular and Hot on Twitter

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 by

Favstar tracks what you, your friends and everyone else is favoriting and retweeting on Twitter. Find only the best and most appreciated tweets out there, made by your favorite people.

Because you deserve nothing but the best!

Favstar helps you find the best tweets from your favorite people across Twitter. The site is tracking all the tweets that you, your friends or anyone else is favoriting and retweeting on Twitter.

Aside from giving you a nice perspective of your social condition on Twitter by showing you how many retweets and favorites your tweets received, it allows you to discover new tweets, watch the Favstar leaderboard, glimpse at the tweets of the day and even see a chart of the all time Twitter superstars! (guess who’s first? if your guess was not @SpaceJumping I’m very disappointed! 😉 ).

Follow before you follow…

Favstar is a great tool for researching people before following. That’s because you can see their most popular tweets of all time on Favstar, while on Twitter you can only see their most recent tweets.  You can follow anyone at any time by clicking “follow” under their image. This person will then be added to the people you follow on Twitter.

Make sure you sign in to Favstar via Twitter – this allows Favstar to connect your activity to the Twitter database. So, what are you waiting for? Go and create your own Favstar list of your favorite people.

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