Facebook Timeline Movie Maker – A Movie All About You

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 by

Well if there wasn’t much incentive to move onto the Facebook Timeline before, you may well have found a good reason to now… Facebook’s Timeline Movie Maker is a cool app that takes photos, posts and videos from your Timeline, and turns it into a cool little movie, all about you.

It’s very simple, just click the green “Make Your Movie” button, allow the app permission to access your data (if you don’t, you can’t see your movie!), and then Timeline Movie Maker does the rest, creating your very own one-minute movie. You can edit the video too, deciding which images, videos and check-ins appear in it; and which soundtrack plays alongside it. So click here to make your shareable Facebook Timeline Movie!

Create a Movie with your Facebook Timeline Highlights by clicking here!

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