Branch: A New Innovative Platform for Online Conversation.

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 by

Branch offers a new way to talk to each other online. On this platform you can convene a few people from your social network to talk about issues they know or care about and get feedback from people you trust about your ideas.

A New Way to Converse Online

The Branch team wants to make it easy for you to have great conversations online. The service is designed as a way to quiet the noise of communication tools on the Web and focus on what’s important and who you want to include in that discussion. To do so, they allow users to pull content from just about anywhere on the web and share media; you can exchange links, photos, videos, gifs, and tweets and start a dialogue about that content, then they make it easy to publish it to the world or your chosen friends.

Somewhere Between a Tweet and a Blog Post…

Users can ask questions of their friends, initiate public debates, share media and publish their own ideas. Unlike conversations on Twitter, who tend to loose it’s context, Branch seems to be trying to provide users with that context. Much like blog posts, Branches are public and you can decide who is included in the dialogue and expand on a particular tweet or video and other users can respond to those comments, share it, or subscribe to that user.  To make life easier they made a bookmarklet that enables users to import threads from Twitter and expand on them, giving them context and making them easier to process and follow. All in all a nice product that definitely should catch your attention.

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