Sneakpeeq: “The Undiscovered at Scandalously Low Prices”

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 by

Sometimes you can spoil yourself… without spoiling yourself!

Have you ever gone shopping to buy a friend a present, bought a great item you discovered…only to late decide you’d rather keep it for yourself? With Sneakpeeq, that’s not a decision you have to make. Once you’ve used it to discover living, style and treats you’ll love, you’ll see their prices are so low that you can buy one for your friend and yourself!

Find what you love, but haven’t discovered

The main concept of Sneakpeeq is to “Find What You Love, but Haven’t Discovered”. And based on this is its members-only sales platform where millions of companies can showcase and sell their lovely products, from tasty gourmet foods to stylish home accessories and trendy apparel at prices so low that have to be kept behind secret tags… that you “peeq” around to see your savings! There are products by brands you already know and love mingling alongside  items by brands that you will get to know and fall in love with, like the beautiful chocolates for mommies below, or the fun throw pillow to your left.

And to aid the discovery fun, you can get badges and points for your peeqs, with the prospect of even more price reductions as a reward. Every day you get 20 peeqs… So click here to get started, and be careful not to waste them 😉


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