Mmminimal – The Concept of Minimalism

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Mmminimal - No complicating things with busy designsMmminimal is a blend of tasteful designs and articles based on the concept of minimalism. The site Mmminimal is currently run by the likes of Rob Hope and Derek Clark, two web dev/designers based in Cape Town, South Africa.

They Say Less Is More!

Tastefully Simple. That’s what Mmminimal strives for, simplicity. By keeping everything to a minimum, Mmminimal is delivering more to its users than by over-complicating things. This comes to meaning with everything featured on the site. Mmminimal presents to its users everyday life objects. From furniture to sporting goods to electronics everything on the site is broken down to its simplest design. No complicating things with busy designs. 

Mmminimal is attempting to appeal to those who believe that the simple things in life are the bestAcquire the Simplest, Greatest, and Coolest

Yes, they do say less is more. But are they right? Is less really more? I mean, how can that be? Well Mmminimal takes that good old saying to the extreme, well actually to the minimum! The designers believe that by keeping things simple, it makes everything a lot more elegant. Less does not mean less good, just less busy and cluttered, not over complicating things. As a user of Mmminimal you have the option to buy the coolest and simplest gadgets and furniture featured on the website. Only problem, most things sell out quickly. I must add that %99 percent of the things featured on the site are eye pleasing, inviting, and elegant designs and concepts.

Mmminimal - Tastefully Simple

Mmminimal - You'll see things that make you say wowYou Decide. Is Less Really More?

Elegantly presented, Mmminimal is attempting to appeal to those who believe that the simple things in life are the best; furniture, electronics, architecture, whatever it may be. This demographic usually is the young and the hip. But in the end, you get to decide! Does less really mean more? You can only fairly judge if you give the site a fair chance, I promise you will be blown away by most designs on the site. You’ll see things that make you say wow! Things that you’re going to immediately add to your wish list. Give the site a chance, check it out!


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