Knack: The Wedding Registry For Unique Gifts & Ideas

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012 by

Knack is for anyone getting married soon, or anyone who knows someone with upcoming nuptuals. It’s a brilliant online wedding gifts registry that’s totally unique, flexible and meaningful…

The online wedding registry with a ‘knack’ for getting it right!

Meet Amanda and Sean. Recently engaged, Amanda was worried about her wedding register.  She has specific taste and wanted to register items from a variety of stores. Worried about actually getting the gifts they wanted for their wedding, Amanda used Knack. Knack – is a wedding registry service that gives you the flexibility to register for the gifts that are most meaningful to you, not just what’s in stock at a few big retailers.

Knack let the lovely couple register for unique gifts like sushi making classes, ski passes and a tent. Knack made it fun for our friends to give us gifts. Let’s be honest, no one wants another coffee pot!

How does Knack Work?

With Knack you can add gifts from absolutely anywhere, any site. To add a gift from another site, just find the gift you want and click ‘add to list’ in your Knack bookmark bar. The gift will be added directly to your registry. When you guests orders the special gift, Knack will take them directly to the site the gift came from, and walk them through purchasing.

Not sure what you want? Knack has also provided a directory of unique, boutique retailers and artists from across the country. Guests can order these items right on Knack. Here’s something really cool. Many couples also create a honeymoon registry to help fund their trip!

When you ready to share your registry, Knack will send out an embedded link to your wedding website.

All My Faves Bottom Line:

Knack allows you to create a unique registry including items not available from national retailers. Concentrate on worrying about the wedding. Never worry about receiving lame coffee pots again. Your style. Your taste. Your registry.

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