GiftRocket – Personalized Gift Cards for Absolutely Any Business!

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012 by

GiftRocket – Welcome, ladies and gents, to the gift card of the future: An online gift card that can be used absolutely anywhere, on anything, at any time… Without ever running out or taking up space in your wallet! GiftRocket achieves this by being a money transfer from you to a friend or loved one, that they can receive straight into their bank account, PayPal account or as a check in the mail. And that money transfer also comes with a cute e-greeting (in either an email or a Facebook message) that tells you where to spend that money.

You get to choose how you receive your gift, what you spend it on, and when!

The idea being that if your son-in-law sends you a GiftRocket card that says “Hey Judy, happy birthday, here’s $50 to spend on a lovely dinner at that restaurant I’ve been raving about, [insert restaurant name]!”… then you would probably take your son-in-law’s recommendation, and redeem your gift money at that restaurant. But if you would rather go somewhere else, spend it on something else, or save the money for a later date, you can do so without ever worrying that you’d lose or waste the gift card without ever using it! Click here or on our preview below to give GiftRocket a try!

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