Dog Milk – Because my dog deserves to live in style!

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Dog Milk is a website that believes that if you spend hundreds of dollars buying brands to style yourself, your best friend deserves the same.

Or in other words, Dog Milk is the website you need to find and buy everything that will make your doggie the most stylish pooch on the block!

Got milk?

Dog Milk is a sister site of Design Milk – an online magazine dedicated to modern design. Jaime Derringer who is the founder of both sites decided that there are no sites that meets the need she has for keeping her beloved pets stylish, so she made one herself. In her website you will find everything your spoiled dog can crave for: furniture, clothing, dinning kits and of course, hygiene and grooming products.


Not another ‘Hard Sale’ website

You do not actually buy the products directly from Dog Milk, they simply link you to their chosen retailers for each product. So what you really get is an assemble of what the staff thinks is the top designed products your pets can get. Its a great site for animal lovers, and I have to admit that even though I’m an avid cat lover, I still enjoyed the site mainly because of the fact that you can’t ignore that the people who run it really do love dogs and don’t just try to make money off them. Try it, even if you will not buy anything, you will be inspired.

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