Daily Grommet: Need To Buy A Gift? Try These Inventive Ideas

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 by

Daily Grommet is an online marketplace where you can discover and buy inventive new products, watch video reviews, and get to know the people behind these up-and-coming businesses. Take a look for yourself…

Gourmet site, Grommet products!

Daily Grommet┬áis a marketplace that introduces the Grommet to you. A Grommet is a unique product that has great utility, or style, or invention… and some times all three. It comes from a designer, or inventor, or artist, or manufacturer who is passionate about what they create, who loves to share their creations story and talk to people about why they do what they do.

The daily part wades in when literally every day at noon Grommet launches one inventive consumer product or service and broadcasts its story across the web. The site’s team test and curate the best ideas, and then create a video review and word of mouth campaign for each product. When a product launches on Daily Grommet, they host a discussion board, where people can chat directly with the creator of the product and with the site’s team.

The birthplace of “Citizen Commerce”

Daily Grommet is also the birthplace of Citizen Commerce, a movement that gives people the information and tools to support products that align with their own values. It’s a powerful new way to discover, share, and sell consumer products.

Daily Grommet is craving to create a place for people who want their purchases to have meaning, to support what matters most to them: whether it’s technical innovation, green or social enterprises, the creation of jobs, domestic manufacturing, or the preservation of craft. Get involved with the products you bring home and shop differently with Daily Grommet.

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