CBuy: Want to Dress Like a Celebrity? Now you Can!

Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 by

CBuy links you to to fashion styles worn by celebrities on and off screen. Ever wanted to buy what your favorite celeb is wearing in the latest TV episode or paparazzi photo? Your search is over!

Dress like a Celeb!

CBuy makes it easy to dress like a star. Ever wonder what those fabulous celebrities are wearing? If so, you can buy it at CBuy, the company that solves the long standing challenge of buying fashion seen on TV – see it, buy it! CBuy’s unique service offers the exact product styles worn by celebrities as well as an assortment of similar products hand selected by stylists. CBuy’s objective is to provide consumers products the moment they air on TV and are planning on seeking partnerships with networks in the future.

No more Guessing!

Now that we have CBuy around, we don’t need to guess what our favorite celebrities are wearing. Simply look them up on this amazing site and find that outfit. To make things even easier the site’s expert fashion team attached labels to the products so you can get the info on a specific item. Although CBuy’s focus is alleviating the consumer pain of hunting down products, the company adds revenue to brands by maximizing the value of their intentional and incidental product placements across media formats. Have you wondered where did Selena Gomez get that awesome sunglasses? Find out here.

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